Why Caroline?


As MP for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline worked hard on the behalf of her constituents to bring about positive change.  

An independent voice in Parliament, she's not afraid to speak up for what matters, and to take action to back up her words.

"Caroline has proved to me that I was right to vote for her. She is one of the very few MPs who actually care about her constituents and who takes action when it is needed, and the very least I can do is to let other constituents know that she is for 'the people'"
Joan Whitehouse, Centurion Road



"It’s very encouraging to see an MP actively engaging in campaigns at ground level and it is appreciated”
E Greene, Wellington Road

Public Health

  • Led the Parliamentary campaign against the Health and Social Care Bill – including demanding a return to free prescriptions and free eye & dental checks - no other parties support this
  • Played a key role in challenging the Government over local people’s right to have a say in the future of community hospitals

Healthy economy

  • Won the chance for Brighton to bid for super connected city status and subsequent major investment in local creative and digital sector
  • Been a vocal opponent of the economic and social damage caused by austerity - no other parties are doing this 
  • Putting forward the case for investment in local jobs and a living wage


  • Campaigned and voted against tuition fees, including championing an alternative business education tax
  • Spoke out on behalf of local parents and teachers against academies and free schools especially the effect on school places and accountability - all the other big parties support this model

Safe climate & Affordable energy

  • Exposed the massive influence private energy companies have over government decision making and policy - on everything from building new nuclear power stations and support for fracking to how much support is given to locally owned affordable renewable energy

Equality for Women

  • Wore a No More Page 3 t-shirt in Parliament to get Ministers talking to the media about ways to end media sexism

Decent, affordable housing

  • Helped raise housing to the top of the political agenda locally with her Housing Charter and plans to end cold homes and unaffordable rent

Transport in public hands

  • Introduced a bill to bring the railways back into public ownership