“Caroline has been a refreshing, independent voice in Parliament. From campaigning for affordable housing and decent jobs to scrapping tuition fees, Caroline really speaks up for young people!”  
Tom Robinson, MA student, Brighton

  • End tuition fees
  • Equal access to further education
  • Keeping Education in public hands

The University of Sussex, The University of Brighton, Varndean College and City College make Brighton Pavilion home
to thousands of students.

They have been on the receiving end of the Government’s drive to turn education into yet another source of profit for private investors.

Student debt has rocketed with massive increases in tuition fees, whilst universities are less accountable and transparent.

That’s why so many students have been standing up for free education. They’ve been protesting against the commercialisation of higher and further education and campaigning for a proper voice on their campuses.

Caroline has been standing with Students

Joining students in their Fair (bus) Fares campaign

  • Fiercely opposing and voting against tuition fees, putting forward proposals for a business education tax to replace loans and fees
  • Campaigning for the Education Maintenance Allowance to give every pupil a chance to continue learning after the age of 16
  • Campaigning against the privatisation and commercialisation of higher and further education
  • Preventing the Government selling off the student loan book, which would put students’ debts in the hands of private companies
  • Lobbying against cuts at City College and for the city’s sixth form colleges to be properly funded by central government
  • Helping Brighton students with financial problems and working with student unions to raise complaints about delays with the Student Loan Company
  • Meeting the Home Secretary to protest against the impact of new immigration rules on local students, colleges and universities