Strong Communities


We all want to live on safe streets, to know support is there if we need it, to feel part of a community.

Caroline is promoting progressive ways to tackle some of the obstacles to building stronger, happier communities. She’s standing up for:

  • A restorative rather than punitive justice system
  • Properly funded community police
  • An evidence-based alternative to the war on drugs

Restorative justice

We need to be more focused on finding solutions to crime, rather than continuing to lock up ever more people.

Caroline is pushing for a restorative justice system that aims to rehabilitate people and help them integrate back into their communities. She has supported Brighton based Sussex Pathways in their work with ex-offenders and stood up to defend the probation services against privatisation. 

Better policing

Caroline has opposed the cuts that leave our police force overstretched and our communities at risk.

But that doesn’t mean she has been willing to tolerate police abuses. She has spoken out against the use of ‘kettling’ at student protests against tuition fees, for example, and meets regularly with the Chief Superintendent of  Brighton and Hove police to raise residents’ concerns.

She’s also been outspoken about undercover policing, holding Ministers to account over the way the police have spied on anti-racism and environmental campaigners, and demanding that the law been changed to prevent undercover officers being allowed to form relationships with their targets.

A new drugs strategy

"The starting point on drugs policy should always be how we can best reduce the harms associated with drugs, both for addicts themselves and for the wider community – and that any approach has to be led by evidence about what really works”
Caroline Lucas, MP

Most people now believe we cannot win the ‘war on drugs’.

Caroline is calling for a new science- and evidence-based approach, which reduces the damage done to both addicts and the wider community, and sees addiction as a health problem rather than a criminal one.

Her petition for a review in parliament of Britain’s hopelessly dated drug policy received more than 100,000 signatures and high-profile support from the likes of Russell Brand.

“Thank you for shining the torch on the issue. It galvanised everyone. Your fresh eyes and demands for answers and actions were a catalyst for heated debate and actions across our agencies”
Anonymous, local service provider

Her campaign also saw the creation of the Independent Drugs Commission for Brighton and Hove, which has investigated and proposed evidence-based ideas.

Stronger, safer communities

Caroline speaks with constituents regularly at her surgeries every week, and has taken action to build stronger safer communities based on their concerns:

  • Sponsoring a Bill to make domestic abuse a specific crime and working with groups such as RISE to promote happy healthy homes
  • Supporting tighter regulations on alcohol sales, such a minimum price and restrictions on advertising
  • Voting and campaigning against spending cuts that reduce people’s access to legal aid and justice
  • Speaking in Parliament about the importance of making Brighton more cycle-safe
  • Championed Brighton’s brilliant local high streets, including protecting local pubs from closure and opposing inappropriate supermarket and other developments
  • Meeting constituents concerned about unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller sites, and calling on the Government to require all local authorities to follow Brighton and Hove’s example and provide more authorised pitches. This is the best way to ease the disproportionate pressure focused on the city
  • Defended local fire and rescue services against Government cuts, including meeting with firefighters at Preston Circus and writing to Ministers
  • Tabled amendments to Counter Terrorism and Security legislation designed to keep citizens safe and protect civil liberties. For more information about Caroline’s response to terrorism legislation, please see here.