Social Care


"I have supported the call for adult social care to be based on strong principles of social justice and I think that social care should work towards opposing the marginalisation, both financial and psychological, of vulnerable groups in society, including the elderly and the disabled"
Caroline Lucas, MP

  • Free, quality social care
  • Proper support for carers
  • Rights for carers and for those in need of care

Free Social Care

Caroline is fighting for quality care to be accessible to those who need it. The current system is failing; 800,000 older people do not get the support they need, and nearly 1.3 million people provide more than 50 hours of unpaid care per week.  In order for older people, people with disabilities and those with long term illnesses such as HIV to enjoy dignified and independent lives, more Government funding needs to be directed towards providing quality care. 

The Care Act

Whilst the Care Bill was being debated, Caroline repeated stood up for the rights of carers and those being cared for:

  • Free and properly funded social care for all
  • For rights for carers of disabled children 
  • Opposed allowing local authorities to charge for support services for carers
  • Argued that social care services should be provided on the basis of need 
  • For all users of social care to have the right to be protected from abuse or neglect

Caring for those who care

More than 3 million people in the UK juggle work and caring for older, ill or disabled relatives or loved ones. In Brighton and Hove alone, 8,000 more people become carers every year. 

Carers receive scant support for the vital and often difficult work they do.

Caroline is standing up for carers.

  • Adequate care leave Pushing the Department of Health to give carers the legal right to 5-10 days’ paid annual leave. Caroline has also called for a Parliamentary debate on granting people longer periods of leave to care for disabled, elderly or seriously ill loved ones
  • Connecting carers with support In May 2012, Caroline was named as a patron of the Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove – a recognition of her work with carers. The centre plays a crucial role in making carers aware of the welfare and services they can access
  • Fighting care-visit cuts People may often feel there's no choice but to give up or juggle work when they have caring responsbilities.  The government’s cost-cutting is depriving the elderly and disabled of the decent care they need – and creating new problems for carers
  • Ending bedroom tax Carers are often unjustly penalised by this unfair tax and Caroline is fighting to get it scrapped completely

The right to work

  • Caroline has sponsored a bill that will recognise for the first time the need for carers and people with disabilities to have the right services in place to allow them to remain in, or join, the workforce