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  • Decent jobs, and a welfare state to be proud of
  • Thriving local business
  • A living wage

No alternative?

This Tories would have you believe their brutal slash and burn approach to the economy is the only way. That there is no alternative.

The money can be found to replace Trident but not to keep our libraries open.  It can be found to speed the wealthy between London and Birmingham, but not for the rural buses that people who don’t drive depend upon

They’ve inflicted seven hard years of austerity on the British people: cutting vital services, forcing up household costs, eroding workers’ rights  and delaying the economic recovery.

They’ve made a mockery of their own pledge to be the ‘greenest government ever’. Instead of investing in local jobs, resilient local economies or environment friendly technologies, they chose to back fracking.

Rather than protecting us against another financial crisis, they’ve bottled it on reform of the banking sector and have helped to fuel the kind of housing bubble that led to the crash in the first place.

While they close libraries and sell of school playing fields, they blow billions on Trident and the HS2 rail link.

“We’re putting forward a real alternative. The alternative to austerity. The alternative to zero hours contracts. The alternative to Trident. The alternative to a rail system that allows private shareholders to profit while passengers pay some of the highest fares in Europe”
Caroline Lucas, MP

We don’t feel we are being particularly radical when we say: there is another way.

In Parliament Caroline has been a longstanding opponent of austerity, and an advocate for a different kind of economy. 

She believes that everyone should have access to well paid work as well as time off to do the things they love. She's pushing for a transformation of the welfare state to ensure everyone is protected, and she's pushing for a transition to a zero carbon economy.