Well they have a funny way of showing it.

For more than two decades of Labour, Tory and LibDem governments, privatisation has been on the cards.

They have been intent on selling off one of our most cherished national institutions to the highest bidder.

“I want to make sure our precious NHS is there for everyone. That’s why, as your MP, I have been standing up for the health service to remain in public ownership. We need investment in the NHS, not the cuts agreed by all the big parties”
Caroline Lucas, MP

Time and again in parliament, Caroline has shown she is willing to stand up for our NHS:

  • Public Ownership of the NHS
  • Fair pay and fair conditions for NHS staff
  • Proper funding for our health service

The heart of the health service

The NHS belongs to us. It is a service we passionately want to protect.

“Caroline is one of the few MPs who doesn’t just talk about loving the NHS, but has worked hard to protect it. She’s been a powerful voice in Parliament against the legislation which is leading to the privatisation that has put our health service at risk under the past two governments”
Dr Wendy Savage, President of Keep our NHS Public 

Caroline is backing a new NHS Bill, developed by NHS campaigners.

It would rebuild our NHS from the bottom up, reversing the damage done by successive governments, and putting the public back at the heart of our health service.

Caroline has been:

  • working closely with Defend the NHS Sussex and Brighton Keep our NHS Public to speak out against privatisation
  • playing a key role in challenging the Government over local people’s right to have a say in the future of community hospitals

Sufficient funding

If our NHS is to survive and thrive, services require sufficient funding, and staff must be valued.

  • Opposing the £20bn cuts to the NHS backed by the other political parties and campaigning for our health service to be properly funded well into the future 
  • Campaigning for fair pay and conditions for NHS staff
  • Demanding a return to free prescriptions and free eye and dental checks

Backing public health services in Brighton

  • Helping keep up pressure for Brighton & Hove to get a new hospital
  • The only MP calling for new contracts there to be awarded to publicly owned suppliers
  • Backing local health initiatives, including Bright-PIP, a parent-infant mental health service
  • Demanding action and new resources to tackle delays in A&E at the Royal Sussex Hospital
  • Campaigning for local sexual health and drug and alcohol support services to stay in public ownership

A new way of tackling drugs

  • Caroline is leading the Parliamentary campaign for an evidence based drugs policy which treats addiction as a health problem rather than a criminal one  

We can't trust the other political parties to defend the NHS.

The Tory/Lib Dem coalition have broken up the health service. Labour have been complicit in imposing market principles on a service that should be about delivering the best possible care.

We need Caroline in parliament to continue standing up for a genuinely public NHS.