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We stand together: regardless of gender, race, faith, sexuality, age or ability.

But discrimination and inequality are still widespread. The rise of UKIP shows that xenophobia has not gone away. 

This government doesn’t understand that welfare is an agreement across society, to financially support and care for one another when any of us need it.

We reject the language of hand outs and scroungers. The scapegoating of the poor and excluded. We don’t believe in blaming people on benefits or migrants for our problems. 

We believe in the politics of compassion. Caroline is standing up for the rights of people who are discriminated against or are not getting the support they need.



Older people

It is extraordinary that governments can find billions to bail out the banks and replace Trident, while penny pinching on pensions and decent care for the elderly.

The government’s welfare cuts are biting into people’s pensions, and state pensions are being rapidly eroded.

In a callous and unnecessary cost-cutting exercise, the government has restricted personal care visits to a mere 15 minutes – not enough time to give older people even the most basic care, let alone any dignity or compassion.

Caroline is fighting for a fair deal for older people.

  • Fair pensions
  • Standing up for a non-means-tested universal citizens’ pension to take all pensioners out of poverty
  • Quality social care
  • She’s fighting for decent free care and support for older people living independently at home, in sheltered or extra-care housing, or in residential care
  • Housing and heating
  • Making a stand against fuel poverty, and the high heating costs that leave many elderly people vulnerable. She’s pushing for investment to install free insulation in every home, creating hundreds and thousands of jobs and reducing climate emissions, as well as keeping your bills under control
  • Protected workers
  • Helped make sure EU employment and equality law protects older workers, by opposing a mandatory retirement age
  • Access to Education
  • Opposed the government’s withdrawal of the entitlement to free adult education for many older people


Children & Young people

The denigration of youngsters as ‘hoodies’ or ‘asbos’ in the media is a misrepresentation of our young people and does nothing to address the issues holding them back. There needs to be more for our youngsters to do. Caroline is working to promote fun and affordable places to go and things to do for families.

Caroline is fighting for a fair deal for children and young people, and for their voices to be heard

  • Voting
  • Campaigned in Parliament for the voting age to be lowered to 16
  • Quality youth services
  • Cuts to youth clubs and youth workers are detrimental to young people and our communities. Caroline has been speaking out against cuts and the impact on young people, especially when it comes to training and work 
  • Child poverty 
  • Backed the Save the Children Campaign against child poverty in the UK, calling for child poverty to be a priority for Treasury spending and for local authorities to be required to keep proper records of cases of child neglect and child poverty
  • Child protection
  • One  of a small cross party group of MPs that secured a national inquiry into allegations of the sexual abuse of children.  Joined the NSPCC campaign 'I Stand for children', promising to commit to child protection measures such as making the internet safer, funding helpline services and making sure children's voices are heard.  


People with disabilities

Caroline at Tudor House respite centre

The Disability Discrimination Act was meant to mean equality for this country’s 11 million disabled people.

But the ugly truth is they still face discrimination, thoughtlessness and exclusion in education, work and public services – and in social, cultural and political life.

Caroline is standing up in parliament for a fair deal for people with disabilities.

“Most employment and support allowance claimants in Brighton and Hove who are turned down for benefits win their case on appeal. It’s a scandal that it’s harder to get help you’re legally entitled to in Brighton and Hove than elsewhere”
Caroline Lucas, MP

  • Opposing Bedroom tax
  • The government’s deeply unpopular bedroom tax hits a shockingly high proportion of people with disabilities. In Brighton and Hove, around 200 of the people who have been pushed into rental arrears by the tax are living with a disability. Caroline is opposing the tax with an early-day motion that’s gained cross-party support
  • Disability benefit
  • Caroline publicly backed a campaign by the MS Society opposing proposed changes to disability allowances that could put many people with MS at risk of losing their motability vehicles and making it harder for them to live independently
  • Fair Care
  • Caroline is fighting for a fair and properly funded support and care system, so that disabled people who need care can maintain their independence, and so that families and carers get the support they need too.
  • The law
  • She will fight for the accessible legal process that disabled people need whenever they face discrimination. She’s pushing the government to make sure the police deal firmly with disability hate crime


Ethnic Minorities

Caroline at Brighton’s Bengali School in the Boat Community Centre 

The rise of UKIP shows that racial intolerance has not gone away. Even in Brighton, with its rich racial mix and cultural diversity, ethnic minorities face discrimination on a daily basis.

More than toleration

Everyone in our communities is entitiled to expect more than just being tolerated, with their contribution to society respected and celebrated. Ethinic and religious minorities should be free to retain a sense of pride in their cultural identity.

Caroline is standing up for Brighton’s ethnic communities
Her work with deprived and minority communities won her the 2013 MP of the Year award. She’s an active supporter of Brighton’s Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership and co-hosts Parliament’s annual Diwali celebration, which is attended by members of the local Hindu community.

  • Fair immigration system
  • Demanding that children seeking asylum in the UK are not kept in detention. Caroline voted against the Government’s nasty Immigration Act, arguing that restricting the right to rent, denying people health care and stripping people of their citizenship are all breaches of our fundamental human rights.
  • Standing up against racism
  • When March for England, part of the violent and racist English Defence League, came to Brighton, Caroline spoke out against its doctrine of hate. She consistently speaks out against anti-Semitism and Islamophia and has joined Brighton’s Dialogue Society to promote strong community relations.


It is almost a century since women won the vote in this country, but they are still being left behind.

Caroline is standing up for women's rights


LGBTIQ rights are human rights – rights that should mean equality and freedom, whoever you are and wherever you live.

Caroline is standing up for the LGBTIQ community