Environment & Nature


“The crisis of nature is a crisis for people and our economy too, because the natural environment is the foundation of our life support systems and livelihoods. That’s why we need a lot more honesty and a lot more radicalism when it comes to the role of the state in improving the state of nature”
Caroline Lucas, MP

After promising to make his government ‘the greenest ever’, David Cameron now talks of ‘cutting this green crap’. He’s overseen cuts to vital spending on flood defences, the loss of 500 jobs at the Environment Agency and a 41% drop in spending on domestic climate change initiatives.

We need to have the long term vision to make the environment central to all we do - not simply an add on or something that gets forgotten until there's a crisis.

Caroline is taking the environment seriously today, to protect it for the future. 

  • Planning laws that work for people and nature
  • Decision-making that protects our green spaces and natrual wildlife habitats from being buried under concrete
  • Healthy land, healthy air
  • Tackling air pollution and food waste
  • Protecting national treasures
  • Taking action to ensure the future of the South Downs National Park, of the nature we all love, like bees and our local elm trees

Caroline is the MP Species Champion for the Roundheaded Rampion  - find out more here.

Better prepared

If we are going to protect our environment both now and for future generations, we must break free of the short-term thinking that dominates Westminster. 

“There’s an urgent need to reconnect people – not least our children – with nature and give people a meaningful say over their local environment”
Caroline Lucas, MP

  • A reversal of the disastrous spending cuts that have left homes, farms and businesses at the mercy of increasingly erratic weather patterns
  • Investment in flood defences and tighter regulations to stop building on flood plains
  • A right for the community to be consulted on planning decisions and for our voices to count
  • Celebrating schools like Hertford Primary School and Patcham High where the importance of caring for the environment is passed onto the next generation

Tackling food waste: Caroline visits Fareshare, a charity that redistributes surplus food from supermarkets and suppliers to local community projects working with vulnerable people

Securing a healthy environment for all

Caroline is working tirelessly to secure a healthy environment both now and for the next generation.

  • Helped get a Government u-turn on its plans to sell of the country's forests and woodlands
  • Fighting to save the Lodge Hill Nightingales - one of the countries most precious wildlife sites
  • Called for urgent action to bring down levels of air pollution in Brighton and Hove
  • Campaigned to protect the city’s national collection of Elm trees
  • Demanded a ban on pesticides that harm the bee population and damage our ecosystem
  • Proposed a Bill to remove illegally logged timber from the market
  • Championed local food and supported gardeners and farmers who want to exchange seeds and grow heritage varieties
  • Part of the successful campaign for a plastic bag tax to cut back on litter and protect wildlife
  • Backed the Big Butterfly Count and lobbied to protect the funding for conservation work like that done by Dorothy Stringer High School
  • Called for endangered wild animals like polar bears and whales to be protected by strong international laws
  • Campaigned for Brighton's marine environment to be protected as part of a national network of Marine Conservation Zones
  • Challenged spending and major roads, arguing for green alternatives instead