Climate & Environment

  • Keeping environmental protection at the top of the political agenda
  • Facing up to the big 6 energy companies
  • Taking the Climate Emergency seriously
  • Energy efficient homes
  • Kick fossil fuels out of politics

Extortionate and rising energy prices. A climate crisis. An economy based on fossil fuels. 

These issues are affecting us all and are more connected than the other parties would have you believe. But there are solutions that target all three.

Investment in renewable energy sources could set us on a path to break the fossil-fuel addiction of the past and begin to bring our carbon crisis under control.

We have to get much smarter about energy efficiency - right now we are pouring millions of pounds down the drain both at home and in industry. With sensible investments in efficiency we can bring this waste under control.

That's affordable energy in every sense of the word.

Tipping point

We’re reaching a tipping point in the cost of energy. The price of gas and oil is predicted to keep rising, while renewable energy is becoming rapidly cheaper. Offshore wind farms are being built without subsidy.

But apparently oblivious to the win-win-win potential of investment in renewables, this Government is ploughing money into nuclear power and refusing to rule out fracking for shale gas in future. It’s the very last thing we should be doing.

Fracking threatens our countryside, our climate and our communities – and will do nothing to reduce energy prices.

Nuclear power is expensive.  The scale of subsidy required to bring forward new nuclear generation will impose enormous costs on families and businesses. And, it's not safe.

The dramatic hurricanes of 2017, flooding in 2019 and wildfires from Siberia to California to Australia are a wake up call to climate change. If there isn't a shift away from fossil fuels towards cleaner energy sources, we're only asking for trouble.

Fossil Free Politics

With the last decade the hottest on record, and a climate denier elected to the White House, the need for a stronger, more radical climate movement is more urgent then ever. We know that to stop the worst of climate change, almost all of the known reserves of fossil fuels must stay in the ground. This means there can be no new coal mines.  No new oil pipelines.  No fracking.  Anywhere. It really is that simple.

Despite this fact, the fossil fuel industry continues to ignore the science. Whether it’s casting doubt on climate change or actively lobbying for taxpayer handouts to dirty energy, the fossil fuel industry is slowing down progress at a time when we need to be urgently speeding up.

Caroline is campaigning for a rapid phase of out fossil fuel subsidies, an end to the revolving door between government and dirty energy, and for government and MPs pension funds to divest from fossil fuels.

To get involved in the campaign, sign up here.

The action we need

The established parties and their friends at the big energy companies say the right things but if we're going to to tackle energy prices and stop run-away climate change we need more than talk. We need action. From Brighton to Westminster Caroline's been taking action and backing the pragmatic change we need.

  • promoting the Brighton Energy Coop’s major new solar panel to power 600 homes
  • championing Friends of the Earth’s Run on Sun campaign for schools to make it easy for schools to install solar panels and the 10:10 solar schools initiative
  • Ending the stranglehold of the Big 6 Energy companies with community ownership and local control of the grid
  • Backing community owned energy generation projects such as the Brighton Energy Co-operative solar PV scheme
  • Caroline is an official parliamentary champion of the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, calling on the Government to make all homes super energy efficient.  This will cut bills and reduce carbon emissions.
  • A rapid phase out of fossil fuel subsidies, an end to the revolving door between dirty energy and government, and to divest government and MPs pension funds.

Together we can transform our country’s economy and create a greener, cleaner, wealthier future.