Animal Protection


From campaigning against animal testing, to opposing the Coalition’s unscientific and unethical badger cull, Caroline is one of the most passionate defenders of animal protection in British politics.

"She has been a great advocate for animals during both her time as an MEP and now as an MP, always ensuring that animal protection issues are high on the political agenda"
BUAV’s Chief Executive, Michelle Thew

She has been publicly recognised for a long and successful record of ending animal cruelty.

She received the Michael Kay Award from the RSPCA in 2006 for her outstanding contribution to European animal welfare, and went on to become the organisation’s vice-president. In 2011, she was given the Lord Houghton Award for Services to Animal Welfare.

Treating animals with compassion

As your MP in Westminster today, Caroline is a Vice Chair of the cross party group Animal Welfare Group and strongly believes that animals deserve be treated with compassion:

  • First MP to sign the Cruelty Free pledge to end testing cosmetics on animals and revealed that the Government have not met their commitment to reduce the total number of animal tests
  • Actively campaigning against the badger cull and led a successful parliamentary debate in which MPs voted for a more sustainable and humane solution of vaccination and improved testing
  • Worked with Brighton based TV vet Marc Abrahams to end the puppy and kitten trade
  • Defended the Hunting Act and called for it to be strengthened
  • Campaigning for a ban on all uses of battery cages
  • Tabled a motion to end to the UK’s involvement in the cruel trade in wild-caught primates for research
  • Exposed the Government’s broken promises to ban the use of wild animals in British circuses