We're proud of Regency, the heart of Brighton's famous seafront and Lanes shopping areas. Tempting visitors since the time of HRH the Prince Regent, Regency epitomises the social contrasts that define our city whether the buzzing tourism and cultural businesses that Caroline advocates as deserving lower VAT rates or the life-saving local charities supporting youth and adults in need.

Brighton bandstand on the seafront. The Regency ward encompasses the city centre; between the Seven Dials roundabout and the seafront; from the Palace Pier in the East to the Meeting Place Cafe in the west. 


Caroline is calling for fairer bus fares

The vibrant city centre is why many people visit Brighton, but there's much more to Regency than piers and parades. It's our home.

Caroline is standing up for decent, afforable housing with accountable landlords. She's backing the Energy Bill Revolution which is calling on the governement to invest in making homes energy efficient, reducing heating bills and carbon emissions.

Caroline is standing up for Regency

  • Local communication
  • Spoke at meeting of Regency Square Society
  • Affordable housing 
  • Campaigning for affordable, quality housing and accountable landlords
  • Consulting the community
  • Supporting consultation of local residents on city planning
  • Health
  • Calling for installation of more Public Access Defibrillators including at Churchill Square

"Caroline has proved to me that I was right to vote for her. She is one of the very few MPs who actually care about her constituents and who takes action when it is needed, and the very least I can do is to let other constituents know that she is for 'the people' "
Joan Whitehouse, Centurion Road