Preston Park

We're proud of Preston Park's neighbourhoods, with their distinct communities such as Fiveways and Prestonville, all served by local independent shops and well-used public green spaces including the one that gives its name to the area - an environmental and recreational lung for the whole city

The Preston Park ward sits between Ditchling Road and Dyke Road, stretching from Preston Circus to the top of Preston Park and across the railway line to the community of Prestonville bounded by Dyke Road and Hove to the west.


Visiting Fiveways Open Houses

Caroline is dedicated to giving local people a voice - whether that's about planning decisions, small business or protecting our environment - like the elm trees in Preston Park.

She was pleased to help set up a book exchange at Lark on the Lowther and enjoys meeting local artists during the Open Houses season.

Caroline is standing up for Preston Park

  • Relief for local businesses
  • Caroline successfully campaigned for more tax relief for small businesses. She backed ‘Small Business Saturday’ and asked the Government to introduce planning policies that would support local independent retailers like those at Fiveways
  • Standing with the community
  • When the Localism Bill was being debated in Parliament, Caroline called for a community right of appeal on planning decisions. She backed Prestonville residents in their fantastic campaign to buy and refurbish Exeter Hall
  • Protecting the environment
  • Called on Ministers to fund long term protection of the twin elms in Preston Park and supported a bid to grant the park UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Status as a way to protect the national elm collection
  • Schools and young people
  • Joined local school children at Run the World in Preston Park, an event to encourage them to keep fit and helped set up a book exchange for local children at Lark on Lowther coffee shop

"You are a fantastic MP standing up for so many things that I believe in"
Steve Arie, Preston Park

“It is great to have an MP who works so hard locally and represents us in Parliament with such a clear voice”
Heather Hawley, Fiveways