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Re-Elect Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion

Here in Brighton Pavilion the Greens are already ahead of Labour and the Conservatives in the polls. That means the best way to ensure that we don't have a Conservative MP here in Brighton Pavilion is to vote Green.

Caroline on C4 Political Slot

* Musician Brian May: ‘We need more’ MPs like Caroline Lucas

* Columnist Mark Steel: Caroline’s “brought politics into disrepute … she’s done all the things she promised to do!”

* Caroline Lucas: Greens’ positive policies offer people “hope not fear”

* Green Party membership up almost 90% in 2014

Landlord licensing, campaign launching; and Minister listening?

Licensing of landlords in Brighton and Hove moved a step forward last week, with the Council’s Housing Committee discussing the possibility of extending a current licensing scheme for Houses of Multiple Occupation to cover an extra five wards.

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