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Brexit TV debate must be cross-party

Calling on broadcasters to include the Green Party in any TV debate on the Government's Brexit deal, Caroline Lucas MP said:

"It's good to hear the Prime Minister is considering reaching out to the public with a TV debate on her bungled Brexit deal. But for this conversation about our collective future to have any semblance of democracy, it must represent the views of everyone.


Caroline calls for Select Committee on Climate Change after "vague" speech by Gove

Responding to Michael Gove's speech on the latest climate change projections, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said:
"These projections paint a devastating picture of what climate breakdown means for the UK if we continue down the path w

New flights to Cornwall will 'accelerate disaster for the benefit of a tiny minority'

Responding to the Government's announcement of new flights between Heathrow and Cornwall, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said: "The world's top scientists say we've got 12 years to avoid climate catastrophe.

"Yet this Government appears to be doing all it can to accelerate disaster. These extra flights will add to noise, air pollution and climate-wrecking emissions - all for the benefit of a tiny minority.

Caroline responds to Brexit deal

Responding to the Prime Minister's statement on the Brexit deal, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said:

"The Prime Minister knows the maths – her deal is never going to get through the Commons, and no deal would be an unmitigated disaster.

"We now risk chaos – job losses, businesses going under, crisis for our NHS, families divided and environmental rules torn up. That was never the will of the people.

"This isn’t a parlour game for the Westminster class. MPs are playing with people’s real lives.


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