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Caroline says "We need an urgent arms embargo on Israel now"

"According to research by the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, arms exports licenses worth £42m have been granted to 130 British defense manufacturers since 2010 to sell military equipment to Israel, including to two UK companies supplying components for the Hermes drone, widely used during the ongoing military offensive in Gaza, one of which also supplies components for Israel's main battle tank.
"It was concerns about British involvement in arming Israel that prompted my question to the Prime Minister in the days before Parliamentary recess, calling for

Brighton and Hove Pride 2014 "Moving" to join parade and "to hear applause for equality along the route"

Caroline reflected, "Joining the Pride 2014 parade was very moving - and to hear the applause for equality all along the parade route."
"Thank you for the great welcome and support on Saturday."
"Pride is enormous fun. It’s also enormously important. It’s an opportunity to say - loud and clear - that LGBTIQ rights matter. That LGBTIQ rights are human rights."
"We have a great deal to celebrate this Pride. We stood up for the freedom to marry and now, at long last, we have that freedom.

Report: 'Ending the Throwaway Society'

Caroline sits on the committee which issued the report.
In Growing a Circular Economy – Ending the Throwaway Society, the Environmental Audit Committee reports that there are potentially billions of pounds of benefits for UK businesses in becoming more resource efficient  - and calls on the Government to make greener working easier.
Caroline said: “We urgently need to start living within our means - we only have this world and its resource

Trans Pride Brighton

2013 saw the first Trans Pride after representatives formed a committee and organised an event in Kemptown.
This weekend’s event will include a march to the New Steine, followed by performances, local stalls, and a picnic the next day.
She said: “I’m proud to be an MP for a city where Trans Pride is part of the annual calendar. This event is about celebrating all that’s been achieved by the LGBT community worldwide.

Save the Lodge Hill Nightingales

I’ve written to the Secretary of State urging him to ‘call in’ this planning application so that the implications can be examined at a full public inquiry.
As my PQ earlier this year revealed, the development at Lodge Hill would destroy more habitat in one go than the total loss of SSSIs to development in the last seven years.

Social Enterprise Network

Held at the Care Co-ops Social Enterprise Centre, the event saw the presentation of the refreshed Brighton & Hove Social Enterprise Strategy and the launch of the new Social Enterprise Network website.
It was an opportunity to celebrate the powerful contribution that social enterprise makes to the city.
Brighton & Hove’s thriving third sector is rightly well known for its dynamism and creativity and I’m determined to see this translated into recognition for the cit

Brighton’s Waste House

Also called “the house that 20,000 toothbrushes built”, the Waste House is Europe's first permanent public building made almost entirely from material thrown away or not wanted.
Construction materials include carpet tiles as external cladding, two tonnes of old denim jeans, VHS cassette tapes, inner tubes and broken polystyrene packaging.
Some of the toothbrushes mentioned above were thrown away after single use by business and first class passengers flying from Gatwick, others came from local residents (one of the toothbrushes was o

Middle East crisis - where's the debate?

The images on our TV, phone and computer screens and in our newspapers, help to convey the horror but really it’s almost unimaginable. Like the many constituents who have written to me in recent days, I urgently want to see an end to the terrible suffering of Iraqis caught up in the brutal campaign being waged by the jihadist Islamic State (ISIL).

Pride: freedom to live, and give

I've also linked here to my wider work on LGBTiQ equality here and you can view my video Pride message here.
Pride is a thing of beauty.


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