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For The Love of Brighton...residents photobomb PMQs (*sort of)

  • Pavilion MP is Picture Perfect in Prime Minister’s Questions
  • Caroline takes Brighton's Big Picture petition to 10 Downing Street (and into PMQs)
  • Brighton and Hove takes a Selfie with a Heart
  • Creative petition urges David Cameron to Show Some Heart for what matters most
Bringing a breath of fresh air to Westminster, she made an impact at Number 10 and PMQs with a clear message from Brighton and Hove residents.
Hundreds of her constituents

Caroline calls for Street Triage in Brighton & Hove

Calls for ‘Street Triage’ scheme for Brighton and Hove to be established – welcomes charity’s Concordat proposals 
Caroline has called for the establishment of a Street Triage scheme in the city.
The scheme sees mental health nurses accompany officers to incidents where police believe people need immediate mental health support.

Do we need a Nature Bill? Leading environmentalists join Caroline

  • Caroline: ‘Urgent need’ to reconnect children with nature
  • RSPB calls for introduction of a Nature and Wellbeing Act
  • Tony Juniper and Mark Avery among panel guests
  • Sandra Bell, Friends of the Earth: ‘Nature underpins our economy’
Some of the country’s leading environmentalists have joined Caroline for a panel discussion on whether Britain needs a Nature Bill – and what should be in it.
The event, chaired by Green Party leader Natalie Ben

Caroline's conference speech (Full Text): 'Why Parliament needs a Green voice'

Conference, welcome to Birmingham.
We meet in exciting times.  Over 1.2 million people voted Green in the European elections – meaning we not only held our seats in London and the South East, but also won a new seat in the South West.  Huge congratulations to our newest MEP, Molly Scott Cato.
Congratulations are due closer to home as well.

Caroline: Stop the Cuts, Save Our Refuges

Caroline has slammed the closure of refuge services for women fleeing domestic abuse across the UK.
Government cuts and continued lack of funding have led to the closure of specialist refuge services across the UK and slashed the number of bed spaces available.
Caroline is supporting the Women’s Aid campaign to save the services and today tabled an Early Day Motion on the issue (below).
Brighton and Hove domestic abuse services remain intact - and have recently expanded to incorporate a service specifically for

PSHE debate: Caroline welcomes cross-party support, urges action

PSHE Association Chief says Caroline's PSHE Bill provides “perfect opportunity”

Caroline on course to win seat says polling expert

Peter Kellner, President of the YouGov polling company, has singled out Caroline as the exception to his national predictions of rising support for Labour, saying she is likely to hold her Brighton Pavilion seat in his forecast for the general election, outlined in the September edition of current affairs magazine Prospect.(1)
Gazing into his psephological crystal ball, the former BBC Newsnight political analyst says Caroline will successfully defend her slim 1,252 majority in Brighton over Labour, while he predicts a Labour Government with an overall maj

Caroline to PM: Recall Parliament over Middle East crisis

The Prime Minister returned from holiday today over the crisis in Iraq and Syria, in the wake of the killing of US journalist James Foley by ISIL militants.
Caroline told Mr Cameron the questioning of Ministers “should not be left to journalists”, adding that MPs must have the opportunity to debate the escalating crisis and Britain’s position.
She said that Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s appearance on this morning’s Today Programme of Radio 4 raised more questions than it answered.
“The UK’s policy is not cl

Caroline: private rail franchises 'poor value for money'

Rail fares are set to increase by 3.5% in January.
The average ticket price has gone up 25% under the coalition government, vastly out of line with wage rises. In June 2013 Caroline introduced a Private Members Bill , calling for the railways to be brought back into public hands [2].
Caroline said: “Just a few days ago we learned the results of a survey that shows passengers don’t trust train companies like First Capital Connect and Southern.

Gaza: pressure on the PM is mounting

"Baroness Warsi today demonstrated the courage of her convictions, and her stance is to be welcomed.  The pressure on David Cameron to stand up and speak out on Israel’s wholly disproportionate assault of Gaza is rising – both from the public and from his own Party.
"But speaking out is not enough.


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