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Caroline responds to London terror attacks

Caroline’s thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims of last night’s terror attack in central London, as well as with others affected. Her thanks go to the emergency services who responded with professionalism and enormous bravery.

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas said:

My promise to Brighton Pavilion

In less than six weeks time people will go to the polls again, and choose the MPs to represent them in these turbulent times. I’m proud to be re-standing to represent Brighton Pavilion. 

My promise to this city remains the same: I will always put you first. Whether it’s campaigning for Britain to remain as close to the European Union as possible (and immediately guaranteeing the rights of EU nationals here), pushing for urgent solutions to the housing crisis, fighting for our NHS or defending our schools from funding cuts – I’ll keep standing up for Brighton.

Brighton and Hove Albion are promoted!

Caroline has reacted to Brighton's almost certain promotion to the Premier League. 

She said: 

"This is absolutely fantastic news which has brought the whole city together.

I pay tribute to everyone who’s worked so hard for this amazing result, not only the wonderful team and management, but people who have kept the faith for so many years, from Dick Knight to Tony Bloom. 

Now’s our chance to show to all of the big Premier League clubs what a great city Brighton is in so many ways.   Maybe we can even do a Leicester!"

Caroline responds to attacks in London

Statement from Caroline Lucas on today's events

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, has responded to today's attack in Westminster. 

She said:

"Our thoughts go out to all those affected by today's attacks and we send deep thanks to the public servants who responded so quickly, bravely, and with care to treat the injured and minimise the number of casualties. We pay tribute to the lives that were so sadly lost and in particular to the police officer who died in the line of duty - we are truly in his debt.

#IWD: Our strength when we work together should not be be underestimated

This year’s International Womens Day takes place in the context of some major setbacks. With an openly sexist man being elected into the White House and Britain leaving the many protections the EU has to offer women (after a campaign dominated by men on both sides), much of what we’ve fought for feels likes it’s at risk. There’s never been such an important time to be bold for the changes we require.

Caroline Lucas’ plea to Chancellor: Deliver a budget that works for our city

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, has called on the Chancellors to ‘deliver a budget that works for Brighton & Hove’.

Lucas hand delivered a letter [1] to the Treasury this week calling on the Government to commit to protecting Brighton & Hove’s health and social care services, deliver support for businesses facing rate hikes, invest in the Brighton Mainline and create a Living Rent Commission. 

In the letter Lucas detailed some of the cuts faced to the health services in Brighton & Hove, including:


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